About DMGAudio
DMGAudio is Dave Gamble and co-conspirator Krzysztof Oktalski, enriched with ideas from hundreds of engineers, producers and audio specialists.

Dave has worked in Pro-Audio for over a decade, for prestigious companies such as :
  • Focusrite
  • Novation
  • Sonalksis
  • Neyrinck
  • Brainworx
DMGAudio was created to build the products that we've always wanted; free from the constraints of a board of directors and instead driven by our users.


Dualism v1.02


More features, more goodness!

We've been working hard on adding neat new stuff to Dualism. It's ready to download here right now!

  • Added Chromatic tuner.
  • Extrawide width adjustment implementation.
  • Right-clicking "2" opens menu to pick input from another instance.
  • Synch mode for scope - synchs redraw to graph time on display.
  • Host-bpm-synch for scope - sets display time to match host bpm as 4,2,1 beat.
  • Pref to draw scope L->R instead of R->L.
  • Pref to draw scope as outline.
  • RMS time configurable.
  • Hold peaks pref for N Octave.
  • Prefs for cursor readouts in note-name and higher precision.
  • Alt-drag and Right-drag for pan faders moves them together.
  • Refine VU and Nordic PPM times.
  • Fix obscure crash with Sequoia.
  • Add pref for Level Meters target calliper colour.

Updates and tonnes of new features!


For EQuilibrium 1.50, EQuality 1.25, Compassion 1.13,

EQuick 1.09, PitchFunk 1.09

EQuilibrium has a tonne of new features! You can check new features for each plugin under "Specifications" on the product page.

Here are some favourites from EQuilibrium:

  • Fullscreen mode.
  • Free-drag resize mode.
  • Autolisten with knobs and textboxes on right/alt-drag.
  • Added preferences for keeping band strips in frequency order.
  • Option to propagate all UI/DSP/Render-DSP settings to all instances in the session.
  • Per-instance MIDI input enable/disable (imports old global preference).
  • Imports banks exported from EQuality/EQuick.
  • Parameter lock option with shift+alt+click.
  • Render-DSP settings, can be chosen to be used for rendering.
  • Autogain feature with 4 weightings and M/S balance mode.
  • Digital+Phase mode.

All ready to be downloaded now!



Compassion 1.12, EQuality 1.24, EQuick 1.08

EQuilibrium 1.08, PitchFunk 1.08

Fixes and optimisations!

  • Tidying and optimisation.
  • Reduce saved preset sizes further.
  • Fix crashes with undo/redo.
  • Fixes for Sonar.
  • Fix automation of discrete parameters for PT11 AAX.
  • Fix samplerate issues in Wavelab for VST3.
  • EQuality: Remove AAX GR meter.
  • EQuality: Fix "true Q" preference.
  • EQuality: Fix crash with SoundMiner
  • EQuick: Remove AAX GR meter.
  • EQuilibrium: Remove AAX GR meter.
  • EQuilibrium: Fix "true Q" preference.
  • EQuilibrium: Fix "FX Start" preset.
  • EQuilibrium: Fix rare crash on setup wizard completion.
  • EQuilibrium: Fix recall of filter type buttons.
  • PitchFunk: Remove AAX GR meter.

All available for download from your user area or the product pages.

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