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05 APR

AAX Apple Silicon support

AAX Apple Silicon (ARM) chip support is now live for all plugins! They've been in beta for a few months now with no issues and we're feeling good to have them out. Head to Downloads to grab the latest versions. As ever, all plugin versions can be found here.

We've also updated our advice about VST3 installation on Windows:

Cakewalk by Bandlab: Delete all DMG plug-ins from VST3 folders on disk. Open Cakewalk, perform a plug-in scan, then close Cakewalk. Re-install DMG plug-ins from latest installers. Open Cakewalk and perform another plug-in scan.

Magix Samplitude and Sequoia: These do not support the VST3 bundle structure, so the plug-ins must be extracted from the bundle. We have created a script for doing this. Run latest DMG installer. Download this script: vst3_extract_from_bundle.bat (right-click and Save link as...). Double-click the downloaded file to run it.

Tracktion Waveform: Run latest DMG installer. Open Waveform and go to Settings->Plugins. Search DMG at the top and sort by format. Shift-select all DMG VST3 plug-ins in the list and click Scanning For Plugins...->Remove selected plugin from list. Click Scanning For Plugins...->Scan for new or updated VST3 plugins.

29 MAR

Updates, ARM installer, Big Sur, new features… and ODDSound

There are updates for all DMGAudio plugins up on the site now – just head to Downloads. Quick highlights include new Apple Silicon (ARM) Mac installer, full Big Sur compatibility, dozens of small improvements and tweaks to functionality, a new HQ oversampling and clipping mode in Limitless, improved dynamic behaviour in Multiplicity…

…and also, we have a new thing for the musically minded amongst you. ODDSound is the culmination of a few years of collaboration with Aphex Twin and dozens of other developers to bring you a global microtuning system we call MTS-ESP. Sorry for the cheeky ad - we’re extremely proud of this! :D

Dave, Krz and Oli

26 MAR

Updates to everything and Catalina Niceness

All plugins updated, bugs fixed, things tweaked and tuned. All super stable and solid. Plus nice install on Catalina. Available at Downloads right away!

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