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Artist Spotlight

Rachel Alina

I mix records
Tell us about projects that you enjoyed or that you're proud of.

I’m proud of all my projects! Stephen Marley’s Rock Stone and the other mixes I did for the Fruit of Life came out particularly well. Reggae music is very close to my heart, and Stephen is one of the best producers I’ve ever met. Mixing with him at all was an honor, and when the mixes started coming out so well, I just felt a real sense of gratitude for my craft and to be part of a greater musical community.

How did you first hear of DMGAudio?

I first heard about DMG Audio and Dave Gamble from my acoustician, John Chester, who uses Equilibrium for phase eq and digital tape eq. John is a personal hero of mine — he was the original sound person at the Filmore East, built the mixer by hand!, and was also FOH for much of The Rolling Stones US Gimme Shelter tour, amongst many other things. It’s clear to me from working with him, John has spent his life actively and mindfully exploring sound and acoustics. When John recommends something, it’s for good reason — and good to listen!

How do you feel about DMGAudio plugins?

I’ve only recently started using DMG, and already I trust that every plug in I try is the highest quality that will add to my mix. I’m still exploring the DMG collection, however everything I use is an instant favorite.

How would you describe our plugins?

DMG plug-ins have a clarity that’s rare to come by, and again the reason I trust anything by DMG. They are also complex, so I’d recommend using presets to get your feet wet and then reading the manual/exploring to make them your own.

What are your favourite DMGAudio plugins and how do they integrate with your workflow?

My two favorite DMG plug-ins at the moment are Essence and Compassion. Essence is a great de-esser, it takes care of sibilance without killing the high end and clarity of a vocal. Compassion is a sound I’ve always had in my head and didn’t know how to get there, I’ve used it on every mix since I downloaded the demo.

Are there any tips for using our plugins that you’d like to share?

Read the manual!

What are you hoping to see from us in the future?

I’d love to hear what DMG does with more effects processing. Would be super interested to hear DMGs take on distortion/saturation/etc. More preset packs from different producers/engineers would be fun too.